The Menù

The menu, famous for its traditional and refined dishes, satisfies the most demanding tastes with the variety of dishes offered, typical of Italian and international cuisine. We are especially known for our “Benfatti alla moda” (home-made ravioli filled with caciotta cheese and marjoram, served with tomato sauce and basil) or our “Tartare” (seasoned ad hoc directly at the table). Also on our list is the Buon Ricordo plate; order it and you will receive as a gift a hand-painted ceramic commemorative plate.

The menu can be accompanied by a good wine list with a wide range of wines from various Italian and foreign regions.

Some of our dishes


  • *Puff pastry with porcini mushroom and spinach ("Buon Ricordo" dish) € 23,00
  • Dentex in osmosis, Bagna Càuda (anchovy-garlic cream), crispry pepper, coconut milk and basil € 20,00
  • BBQ-marinated fallow deer Tartare, goat’s cheese mousse, seeds crackers, baby spinach and berry sauce € 18,00
  • Squash blossoms breaded in Panko bread stuffed with Ricotta fresh cheese and anchovies on lard and prawns € 18,00
  • Pork fillet seasoned with pepper and cardamom, tarragon oil, hazelnuts and Tropea onion ice-cream € 17,00
  • Hay tartlet with braised leeks, Guanciale streaky bacon, chanterelle mushrooms in oil and Kimizu sauce € 16,00
  • Speck with “Carafoi” puff potato-pastry strips € 15,00
  • Salad with Valerian, peas, green beans, courgettes, cucumber vinaigrette and mustard seeds € 14,00

First courses:

  • Potato dumplings with Porcini mushrooms, Morlacco cheese mousse and summer truffle € 19,00
  • *Bigoli egg pasta with venison, chanterelle mushrooms and squash blossoms € 18,00
  • Tagliatelle pasta with chickpeas, octopus stew, nettles and smoked Stracciatella fresh cheese € 18,00
  • "A pizza": Risotto with San Marzano tomato cream, basil pesto, Bufala-Mozzarella cream, Cantabrian anchovies and origan bread € 16,00
  • “Benfatti” Ravioli stuffed with caciotta cheese, flavored with marjoram € 16,00
  • Mezzi paccheri pasta with borage, confit tomatoes, Bra sausage and toasted pine nuts € 16,00
  • *Torchietti pasta with rib ragout, Burrata fresh cheese cream and dill oil € 15,00
  • Creamy leek soup, yogurt, bread croutons and crispy smoked ham € 14,00

Second courses:

  • Chateaubriand - serves two € 70,00
  • Beef fillet, foie gras Terrine, chickpeas Panissa and mango beef Jus € 32,00
  • Amberjack parsley-crusted, beetroot gel, crispy quinoa, yellow Scapece courgettes (with vinegar and mint) and Tzatziki sauce € 32,00
  • Beef tartare € 30,00
  • *Guinea fowl meatballs, melting potato, chicory with saffron and pistachio Béarnaise € 28,00
  • *White Polenta mousse with coffee on venison Tataki, Medan cheese and summer truffle € 27,00
  • *Goose leg in confit, beets, sour cherries and lime-goose sauce € 26,00
  • *Lamb rump Rosé, honey lamb Jus, chanterelle mushrooms, grilled curly endive and roasted pepper sauce € 26,00

Side dishes:

  • Sautéed Porcini mushrooms € 9,00
  • Grilled vegetables € 7,00
  • Mixed Salad € 6,00
  • Polenta made with yellow “Storo” corn-flour € 5,00
  • Roast potatoes € 5,00

Homemade desserts:

  • Apple and cream pastry dumpling on Calvados sauce € 9,00
  • Hazelnut cupcake, cream Gelato and chocolate-grappa cream € 9,00
  • Watermelon soup, kiwi Tartare, Porto liquor gel and browned sweet bread € 9,00
  • Mascarpone cream, cacao bisquit with sauce and coffee brittle € 9,00
  • Ricotta fresh cheese mousse, candied fruit Gelée, almond and orange Sablé € 9,00
  • White chocolate parfait with poppy seeds, exotic fruit sauce and poppy brittle € 9,00
  • Fig ice-cream, Parma Prosciutto Crudo ham crumble and Grand Marnier € 9,00
  • Sorbet green apple and lime with almond crumble € 9,00
  • Fresh wild berries € 9,00
  • If necessary, frozen or deep-frozen foods will be used. (*)
  • Report any food intolerances or allergies to the staff.
  • Cover charge € 5.00